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About Sentinel

Sentinel is a network of independent dVPN applications, not just a single consumer-facing dVPN. Live transparent stats indicating the actual usage of the Sentinel dVPN network which is utilized by thousands of unique users every day. A one-of-a-kind network layer that allows the development of third-party and white-label decentralized Virtual Private Network applications.

How to stake

Sentinel Staking Guide with Keplr Wallet

What is Sentinel?

Sentinel is a Web3 framework, open-sourced blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. The goal of the Sentinel ecosystem is to empower universal access to the internet in a trusted and provable manner by allowing organizations and individuals around the world to construct cost-effective, scalable, distributed, and decentralized networking solutions on Sentinel’s Cosmos-based blockchain. DVPN is the native token of Sentinel’s network which is used for Staking, Governance, and a medium of payment for DVPN subscriptions as well as other advanced DVPN services.

Staking DVPN

Head over to and select the Sentinel chain on the left menu and click on “Stake”.

Currently, DVPN is available for purchase on several exchanges like KuCoin, Hotbit, and the Osmosis DEX.

Choose a validator that suits your preferences and click on “Manage”. Select “Delegate” on the pop-up window, enter the amount you wish to stake, select “Delegate” again and “Approve” to complete the transaction. You have now successfully delegated your DVPN tokens!

Always do your own research before choosing a validator!

Staking will lock your funds for 21 days and in order for your staked assets to be liquid again, you will need to undelegate. In the undelegation process, you will not be receiving rewards. You can use the “Redelegate” option to change your validator without waiting 21 days.

Remember to leave some spare DVPN in your wallet to cover transaction fees!

In our Keplr wallet browser extension, we can see our staked assets and the rewards that are being accumulated. These details are also displayed on the Keplr web app.


You will start earning rewards the moment you have delegated your assets. These rewards can be delegated for a compound effect or depending on your preferences, something else.

If you have any questions, looking for alternatives to delegate, or just want to chat, you can contact us on the following channels: